COVID 19 Update

The Casamarel Is Certified As "Tourism Secure Bio & Safe".
This certification includes the enhanced procedures of our COVID -19 safety program.

We are open and ready to welcome you - when you can travel again!

The House

The Casamarel is a lovingly restored 1910 house that was originally built by one of the old Mindelo families.

Due to its historical and architectural value, the house has been officially classified as a Pousada.

Casamarel (meaning yellow house in Sao Vicente Kriol), was for a long time the only house on the rocky hill overlooking the bay of Mindelo.

The renovation of the house, which took more than 18 months, has been a journey of passion and love. Today it is staffed with people who are in love with the house and have been part of its restoration. We want you to feel at home and to enjoy the unique intimate character of the house and its rooms.

We are committed to reducing our ecological impact and to encourage sustainable tourism through our solar energy and water saving systems, salt water swimming pool, programs for recycling, reduction of single use plastic and other initiatives.

We believe that sustainable practices and environmental responsibility can be compatible with luxury and comfort.

We embrace diversity, equal rights and gender equality.

At The Casamarel we are Curious, Courageous and Committed!

"Welcome home"


The Lounge is a cozy space which overlooks the terrace and pool. It is the perfect place for coffee, afternoon tea or a drink. Meals can also be served in the lounge.

"Cherish every moment"


The atrium with its beautiful skylight, chandelier and marble floor is the centre of the house.

The small library is next to the atrium offers a selection of books in many languages as well as games.

Breakfast, meals or drinks can also be served there.

"A home without books is a body without soul"


Our wish is to do everything we can to make your stay memorable and for you to experience the famous Capeverdian “morabeza” or hospitality.

"We love to spoil you"